1. 1. Identity of the Data Controler

As ALBERT SAĞLIK HİZMETLERİ VE TİC. A.Ş. (Albert), we place a significant emphasis on the security and privacy of your personal data, and, as such, we are providing you with the following information in accordance with our obligation to inform under the Law on Protection of Personal Data No. 6698 ("Law") regarding all types of personal data related to employees.

The protection of personal data is among the fundamental policies of Albert, and our company has prioritized data security throughout its existence, making it a fundamental principle. Albert acknowledges and commits to complying with all responsibilities imposed by the PDPL. With full awareness of this responsibility and in our capacity as Data Controller, we process, record, transfer, share, and store your personal data within the framework defined by official regulations, as explained.

  1. 2. Collection, Processing, and Processing Purposes of Personal Data


The personal data that may be processed by us include the following categories:

Identity, Contact, Location, Employee Records, Legal Transactions, Customer Transactions, Physical Space Security, Transaction Security, Financial Information, Professional Experience, Race and Ethnic Origin, Philosophical Beliefs, Religion, Sect, and Other Beliefs, Health Information, Criminal Convictions and Security Measures, among others. You can access detailed and up-to-date information on categories, purposes, recipients, retention periods, data subject groups, foreign countries, and security measures from the Personal Data Protection Authority's Registry Inquiry System.

Identity Data, Personnel Data

Name Surname, Identity Number, Photo, Mother's Name, Father's Name, Spouse and Child Information, Place of Birth, Date of Birth, Place of Registration, Volume Number, Family Number, Registry Number, Marital Status, Gender, Nationality

Communication Data

Phone Number, E-mail Address, Address

Financial Data

Bank Account Information

Special Personal Data

If a photocopy of an identity document is taken for employees, the nationality, religious information and blood group, health data of employees, etc. included in the document

Visual Data

Camera Recordings

Family and Relative Data

Information such as Name and Surname, Date of Birth, TR ID Number of the Relatives and Family Members Declared by the Employees

Other Information

Military Service Status, Criminal Record, Education Information, Reference Information, etc. Declared by Employees.

Procedure Security

Internet Logs of Those Who Use the Institution's Internet in Compliance with the Relevant Law

Your personal data, which may vary depending on the product sold by Albert or the commercial relationship, can be processed under the best protection by our company.
In our organization, there are personal data related to types such as Job Applicant, Employee, Intern, Supplier Employee, and others.
As Albert, your personal data, obtained in accordance with the legal grounds expressed in the laws of the Republic of Türkiye or with the consent of the data subjects, are:

  • Fulfillment of legal obligations as specified in the Constitution/Law/Decree with the Force of Law/Regulations.

  • Execution of product procurement and post-sales service processes in our business, ensuring customer satisfaction and meeting customer requests.

  • Payment of employee remuneration, management of accounting, and financial processes.

  • Management of security operations, accidents, or similar events for medical or insurance purposes.

  • Ensuring the security of individuals within our business premises through the use of video camera (CCTV) footage and assisting in the prevention, detection, and prosecution of criminal offenses requiring penalties while also establishing, enforcing, or defending our legal rights.

  • Ensuring the implementation of our business's human resources policies.

  • Fulfillment of a legal obligation explicitly stated in the legislation or as required by applicable laws when necessary.

Furthermore, your personal data is processed within the framework of legal obligations arising from relevant legislation, including the Law on Regulation of Publications on the Internet and Combating Crimes Committed Through These Publications No. 5651, the Labor Law No. 4857, and the Personal Data Protection Law No. 6698, to ensure compliance with the mentioned purposes and legal obligations.
In addition to the above, your personal data is recorded in physical archives and information systems owned by Albert and can be stored both in digital and physical formats.
Personal data processed for the purposes stated in this Information Text will be anonymized or deleted by us when the purpose requiring processing ceases to exist, and when the periods defined by the laws have passed. You have the right to withdraw your explicit consent at any time regarding the processing and use of your personal data if you have provided such consent.

  1. 3. Transfer of Personal Data

Your personal data may be transferred to service providers such as information technology, software, logistics/distribution companies, and other third parties with whom we collaborate, as well as to our board of directors, business/solution partners, and legally authorized public and private institutions and organizations, with the limitation that such transfer is required within the scope of the Law and relevant regulations, for us to provide you with the mentioned services.

  1. 4. Method and Legal Reason for Collecting Personal Data

Your personal data may be collected through various methods, both automated and non-automated, from any kind of verbal, written, or electronic sources, based on legal grounds including those specified in the Law's 5th article paragraph 2, provided that they comply with the fundamental principles envisaged in the Law, and for the purposes stated above. These legal grounds include the necessity of processing for the establishment and/or performance of a contract, compliance with legal obligations, and protection of our legitimate interests without harming the fundamental rights and freedoms of the data subject.

  1. 5. Your Rights Regarding the Protection of Personal Data

Within the framework of the law, you have the following rights regarding your personal data:

  • To learn whether your personal data is being processed and to request information if it has been processed.

  • To learn the purpose of the processing and whether your data is being used for that purpose.

  • To learn the third parties, if any, to whom your data is transferred domestically or abroad.

  • To request the correction of your data if it is incomplete or inaccurate.

  • To request the deletion, destruction, or anonymization of your data if the reasons for processing have ceased.

  • In case of correction, deletion, or anonymization, request that these actions be communicated to third parties to whom the data has been transferred.

  • If you believe that an adverse result has occurred against you due to the exclusive analysis of your data through automated systems, request an objection to this situation.

Within the scope of the law, you may request information regarding your personal data by filling in the relevant fields in the Albert Personal Data Owner Application Form and using one of the methods specified below.





Written Application

Via E-Mail


İçerenköy Mah. Kayışdağı Cad. Acıbadem Üniversitesi Tıp Fakültesi No:32-36C Ataşehir/İstanbul


The envelope shall bear the inscription "Information Request Under the Personal Data Protection Law." If this expression is not used, the request will not be processed. Official documents that identify your identity may be requested.

The subject line of the email should read "Information Request Under the Personal Data Protection Law." If this expression is not used, the request will not be processed.

Official documents that identify your identity may be requested.

Submitting your request through the email address you previously provided to our organization for registration will expedite the identification process.

Our company will process application requests in accordance with Article 13 of the Law, depending on the nature of the request, and will conclude them within a maximum of 30 (thirty) days. If the process requires a cost, it will be applied according to the tariff determined by the Personal Data Protection Board. In case the request is denied, the reason(s) for the denial or, if the request is fulfilled, the work carried out will be explained in writing or electronically.
Albert reserves the right to update this "Information Text on Personal Data Protection" in line with changes that may be made in the current official legislation or data protection processes.