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Voice-based health assistant that helps patients to take the right dose at the right time and make life easier for caregivers.

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Stay Connected

Families can monitor relatives’ treatment remotely and stay connected with reminders and weekly reports.

Voice Command

Just talk to Albert to manage your medications and measurements - in easy and effortless way.

Easy to Access

Albert is accessible through Mobile App, Google Home, Amazon Alexa and Facebook.


Medication Reminder

Helps you to take the right dose at the right time

Caregiver Mode

Allows families to monitor relatives’ treatment remotely

Track Measurements

Record and track health measurements (e.g. blood glucose)

Stock Tracking

Keeps track of your med stock and warns you before pills run out

Medical Diary

You can record your activities and moods on a daily basis

Share Mode

Share your data with your doctors and pharmacies

Prevent ADEs

Warnings for adverse drug events (allergies, overdoses, etc.)


Connected with commonly used voice assistants and messaging platforms


Our vision is to become a full-fledged health management platform that leverages voice technology.

R. Serdar Gemici


Serhat Uzun


Ensar Güneşdoğdu



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33 Rue du Mail, Paris, France

Acıbadem University Incubation Center, Istanbul, Turkey